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The Current Situation

There's been a recent explosion of Internet content, both professional and amateur, domestic and foreign. The problem is, our options are pretty limited. There's no good way to enjoy all that Internet content on our televisions. We end up:

  • Connecting our desktop PCs to our televisions, replete with viruses and awkward controls,
  • Crowding around our small laptop screens, or...
  • Squinting at tiny smartphones with tinny sound.
Meanwhile, our large living room televisions and speakers sit there, and we're paying hundreds of dollars a month to our cable companies for content we don't care about.


Current Devices

Connecting any Internet TV set-top box to your television helps you avoid viruses and squinting at small screens. However, while there are a few of these products on the market now, most of them are restrictive, ever-changing, or closed-minded.

Smart TVs, for example, can:

  • Lag, crash, and reboot during shows
  • Nag you with unnecessary update popups
  • Dictate what networks you can and cannot watch, and...
  • Even eavesdrop on the conversations you have in your house!

So, it's always best to buy an external Internet TV box and connect it to a NON-Smart TV. However, many of these boxes may also remove your ability to watch a certain network, simply because they're feuding with a content provider. Others want to be your only source of content purchases, or require that you buy all of your equipment from their brand. Many are ultra-centralized, completely dependent on the manufacturer's whims and existence. If they decide to change your product or go out of business, too bad for you. Finally, some of them come from no-name factories overseas and are unstable and unrefined!


Have you ever wanted to...

  • Watch all of that great Internet content on a screen other than your laptop or smartphone?
  • Binge-watch a series on your couch with an easy to use set-top box?
  • Subscribe ONLY to the TV channels you want?
  • Take your cable box with you to your vacation home instead of paying two cable bills?
  • "Channel-surf" around the globe?
  • Learn another language or keep current with news from your native land?
  • Avoid cheesy Smart TVs that control what you watch?
  • Create your OWN 24 hour TV channel where you're the star?

These are just some of the benefits that await you with Streamplicity.

Streamplicity helps those seeking to "cut the cord" from their cable companies. The archaic ideas of unidirectional content, middleman cable providers, digital restrictions management, barriers to entry, region codes, and Smart TV spying, are expiring thanks to Streamplicity. We're your Anti-Cable Company!™

 Our service lets you choose entertainment sources from around the world. From anywhere, to anywhere.