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Announcing Streamplicity!

Streamplicity is an Android-based tablet that you connect to your television. No more viruses, no more small screens and tinny speakers.
Instead of squinting at a smartphone, you can now gather around your big screen to enjoy all that great Internet content! Finally!
  • No, it's not some jittery jailbroken TV stick that your brother-in-law hacked for you. It's a legitimate product that helps you cut the cord safely.
  • It is more reliable than a computer and designed to be virtually hassle-free.
  • This is not a "for techies by techies" device that needs constant maintenance: If you can use a smartphone, you already know how to use Streamplicity.
  • Our professionals can set it up for you and ensure you can enjoy it free of notifications!
  • You can enjoy our list of TV and radio channels from the around the globe. You can also enjoy music, pictures, and videos from your home network or USB drive!
  • Take it with you to your vacation home - no more second cable bill!
  • A Streamplicity runs almost any Android App, and can display almost any Internet video! It can therefore do more than any Smart TV or even set-top player can ever hope to do.
  • It's also compatible with Bluetooth speakers, so it can become the audio hub of your house!
The best part is, by connecting you directly to content providers, Streamplicity can liberate you from your expensive cable bills for good!
 The Streamplicity L
$250 + sales tax
The Streamplicity LThe Streamplicity L
Rear portsRear ports