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What is the Streamplicity Box?

The Streamplicity Box is a small set-top box that you connect to your television or home theater. No more viruses, no more small screens and tinny speakers. You can go back to enjoying your living room!
it's simply an Android device, except it connects to your television instead of having its own screen. Designed for NON-techies who don't want to spend their lives installing and maintaining something!
  • You can now enjoy all of that Internet content on a large TV or home theater instead of just your pocket-sized one!
  • It includes a wireless air remote control, which takes the place of a mouse or touchscreen.
  • It is more reliable than a computer and designed to be virtually hassle-free.
  • This is NOT a "for techies by techies" device: If you can use a smartphone, you already know how to use Streamplicity.
  • Our professionals can set it up for you and ensure you can enjoy it free of notifications!
  • You can enjoy TV channels, videos, audio, and websites from the around the globe. You can also enjoy music, pictures, and videos from your home network or USB drive!
  • A Streamplicity Box runs the Streamplicity App as well as almost any Android App! It can therefore do more than any Smart TV can ever hope to do.
The best part is, this Box can liberate you from your expensive cable bills for good!
The Streamplicity Box is now available as a Public Beta!
$100 + sales tax
+$50 professional installation (optional)
The Streamplicity BoxThe Streamplicity Box