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Why Streamplicity is Different

We realize petty and closed-minded methods will never bring complete success and only serve to upset customers. We base our product on industrial standards and openness whenever possible. This ensures broad compatibility, increases our chances of success, and is the right thing to do.

Such radical honesty flies in the face of vendor lock-in, in other words the short-sighted, ultra-proprietary platforms that require allegiance to one brand forever.

With Streamplicity, you watch what you want, and we don't watch you!


  Smart TVs Chromecast  AppleTV FireTV Roku Streamplicity
Easy to Use      √  √
Doesn't record what you say at home   √   √    √
Doesn't track what you watch            √
Doesn't feud with providers          √
Doesn't limit what you watch    √    √  √
Compatible with any USB/Bluetooth accessory            √

USB port for home movies/photos


Play movies/photos from your computer

No need to unlock/jailbreak            √
Supports UGC TV channels          √
Includes Web Browser            √
Isn't controlled by the factory            √



The age of a la carte cable is finally here. Aside from the content Streamplicity offers, there are plenty of other apps that empower you to say goodbye to your old-fashioned cable provider. You can also do much more, such as education, home security, or even start your very own TV channel!

  • Hollywood movies and network TV on demand
  • Radio and satellite radio stations from all around the world
  • Learn a new language or keep up with news from your native land
  • Educate a classroom with real foreign television channels
  • Monitor your security cameras at home or work
  • Send music from your living room to a Bluetooth speaker in your shower
  • Create your own video podcast or streaming channel and we might feature it in our UHF-82 amateur channel directory!


As early as 2006, founder Marc-Anthony Arena foresaw the cable television industry needing to change. It had to catch up with the rapidly expanding world of original Internet content and barrier-free global delivery. He recognized cable companies and their one-way, too-bad-for-you mentality were about to become obsolete. People wanted to watch anything from anywhere, and he knew it was inevitable. He knew there had to be a better way to watch Internet content on your television, without viruses and popups, and it wasn't going to come from companies forcing people into proprietary schemes.

Marc founded Streamplicity in 2014, as a division of his company Teknosophy, LLC.

After a string of prototypes, he and his engineer Nazmus Sakib decided to base the Model IV on a beautiful hardware platform, the Raspberry Pi 4, which is made in Wales, UK.

We hope you love the device and stay tuned as we continue to simplify streaming!