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Why Streamplicity is Different

We realize petty and closed-minded methods will never bring complete success and only serve to upset customers. We base our product on industrial standards and openness whenever possible. It ensures broad compatibility, increases our chances of success, and is the right thing to do.

Such radical honesty flies in the face of vendor lock-in, in other words the short-sighted, ultra-proprietary platforms that require allegiance to one brand forever.

With Streamplicity, you watch what you want, not what we want.

  • We won't track you. In an era of behavior tracking on computers, search engines, and even digital cable, Streamplicity itself doesn't track what you watch. That's your business.
  • We don't have feuds with different providers. For example, some set-top Internet video devices, as well as Smart TVs, have removed their customers' ability to watch YouTube or Amazon just because they're having a spat.
  • If you'd like to broadcast your own 24 hour TV network on the Internet, you can submit your channel listing to us, and we can list it in UHF-82, our list of featured channels!



The age of a la carte cable is finally here. Aside from the content Streamplicity offers, there are plenty of other apps that empower you to say goodbye to your old-fashioned cable provider. You can also do much more, such as education, home security, or even start your very own TV channel!

  • Hollywood movies and network TV on demand
  • Radio and satellite radio stations from all around the world
  • Learn a new language or keep up with news from your native land
  • Educate a classroom with real foreign television channels
  • Monitor your security cameras at home or work
  • Send music from your living room to a Bluetooth speaker in your shower
  • Create your own video podcast or streaming channel and we might feature it in our UHF-82 amateur channel directory!